Is Your Fraud Risk Register Complete

(2:43)Is your fraud risk register complete? Do you have 50 asset misappropriation fraud schemes? Do you have 16 corruption fraud schemes? Do you currently have 46 fraudulent statement schemes in your fraud risk register? That’s right… There are 112 core fraud schemes in total! Did you know most fraud risk registers are missing the number one way fraudsters manipulate earnings to commit financial statement fraud? …   Schedule a free strategy session today and we will help you enhance your fraud risk register for a more comprehensive fraud management strategy.   Schedule a Strategy Session FraudCast Episode on YouTubeYouTube link:

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Personalized Statistical Fraud Risk Report

The objective of the report is to provide a tool for management to adequately create a strategy to mitigate, avoid, accept, or transfer fraud risk. A detailed set of analysis is performed so as to be a roadmap for management to take action to address the risk for fraud by providing:

* Visibility into the organization’s fraud risk;

* An understanding of fraud risk by department and scheme;

* Prioritization of antifraud efforts;

* Ability to quantify impact and likelihood for COSO Enterprise Risk Management (ERM); and

* Benchmark for Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).

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Training in Tanzania, Africa

I had the pleasure of teaching a three and a half day antifraud seminar at the Serena resort in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa. Participants included C-Suite, management from Legal, Banking Services, Internal Controls, and Global Corporate Audit departments from many countries across the continent. Topics included:

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