Fraud Risk Assessment Partner Program
Would you like to offer fraud risk assessments to your clients? Well, now you can!
What is so special about this program?
We are so glad that you asked us that question! 

Easy sign-up
Simply fill out the application below to get started. 
Increase sales
Attract new clients and approach existing clients for value add with your new service offering.
Build client relationships
Customer bonding is the key to achieving long-term relationships with clients. Since you manage the relationship with the client, you can increase customer bonding. 
You obtain the inputs
We give you the questions to ask the client and you manage the information seeking process for those inputs. Then you provide us with those required inputs. Simple!
We perform the calculations
We do all the hard work for you. The calculations are vast and complicated as they are adjusted for each client based on their unique factors. Once everything is finished, we provide you with a proprietary and customized report.
You select the report option
You can choose between white label and Fraud Doctor branding per client.
Increase your brand awareness
With the white label option, the report is issued from your company with your branding.
Increase your credibility
With the Fraud Doctor option, the report is issued by us. Our experts are widely recognized as thought leaders and pioneers in the antifraud industry.  
Visibility into your client's needs
The fraud risk assessment report highlights specific areas where your existing products and services could potentially add further value to the client. You can use the report to help the client prioritize their next steps.
Earn a percentage of the sale
You get to earn a program partner's percentage of the revenue generated from the sale. Based on the minimum sales price, you can earn at least $8,000 on each fraud risk assessment!
Complete the Application
Fill out the form below to submit the application for consideration to become a qualified partner in the Fraud Risk Assessment Partner Program by Fraud Doctor.
By submitting this form, I acknowledge that if approved as a qualified partner, I will be sent the terms and conditions where I will be given an opportunity to accept or deny those terms. I understand that failure to accept the terms and conditions will disqualify me as a potential qualified partner. I understand I will not be compensated for my participation unless and until I am approved as a qualified partner, sales have resulted from my clients, and I have fulfilled my obligations under the terms and conditions.