Capability Statement 

Headquartered in Ybor City, the historic district of Tampa, Florida; Fraud Doctor is a risk management consulting firm providing advisory services and training to government agencies, publicly traded companies, privately owned businesses, and nonprofit organizations. 

Manage the risk for fraud to augment a project or throughout an entire agency for oversight. We help agencies protect themselves from fraud to reduce risk and educate:

  • Reduce RiskReduce organizational fraud & cyber risk. Practice areas include consulting, technology, litigation support, & government contracting; and
  • EducateLearn how to manage the risk for fraud through training, advisory services, speaking engagements, and e-Learning.

Every asset lost due to fraud is one less resource that could be used to achieve objectives. The ultimate goal is to protect organizations from fraud and assure funds can remain within (prevention) or return to (response) the organization for the original intended purpose of accomplishing the mission

DUNS Number:     100772749

CAGE Code:     87Noo

Address:     4530 Braesgate Court, Land O Lakes, FL 34639 USA 

Contact:     Alexis C. Bell, MS, CFE
                     Founder & Managing Partner
                     * Woman Owned Small Business 

                     Paul Dunlop
                     * Authorized Entity Administrator

Payment:     [email protected]
                      * Accept credit, purchase cards, and bank drafts


518210Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
541511Custom Computer Programming Services
541512Computer Systems Design Services
541519Other Computer Related Services
541611Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Other Management Consulting Services
Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541990All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
561611Investigation Services
611310Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
611430Professional and Management Development Training
All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction
Educational Support Services

Product & Service Codes (PSC)

R408Support - Professional: Program Management/Support
R424Support - Professional: Expert Witness
AB13R&D - Community Service/Development: Crime Prevention/Control (Advanced Development)
R499Support - Professional: Other
AB17R&D - Community Service/Development: Crime Prevention/Control  (Commercialized)
AB14R&D - Community Service/Development: Crime Prevention/Control  (Engineering Development)
AB16R&D - Community Service/Development: Crime Prevention/Control  (Management/Support)
U004Education/Training - Scientific/Management
U099Education/Training - Other
AB15R&D - Community Service/Development: Crime Prevention/Control  (Operational Systems Development)
R410Support - Professional: Program Evaluation/Review/Development
AB11R&D - Community Service/Development: Crime Prevention/Control (Basic Research)
R405Support - Professional: Operations Research/Quantitative Analysis
U009Education/Training - General
R406Support - Professional: Policy Review/Development
U006Education/Training - Vocational/Technical
R704Support - Management: Auditing
AB12R&D - Community Service/Development: Crime Prevention/Control (Applied Research/Exploratory Development)

Justin Whobrey

Justin Whobrey

Senior Program Manager,
U.S. federal agency

Institute of Internal Auditors
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Nashville, TN

... I've never seen accountants and auditors so engaged in the learning process... We had asked Fraud Doctor to come and present on fraud and we wanted a high caliber presentation and something that would really engage our members and
they over delivered!..."

M Lisa Shasteen

InfraGard, Tampa Bay, President
Shasteen & Percy, P.A., CEO

... I was so impressed with their work... Their presentation was on 'Is Culture Eating Your Cyberbreakfast: Communicating Risk'... The membership was thrilled to hear about how culture and perspective can affect us all; especially in security matters... I recommend them and their company to anyone who is very serious about security..." 

Government Past Performance

 United States Department of Defense

Department of the Navy:

  • Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC)
  • DAFF-M01 Data Analysis for Fraud Using Spreadsheets - Module 01 Data Quality



    Program Director: Dierk Jaeger

  • Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC)
  • Workshop for Internal Fraud Investigations

    Role: Subcontractor

    Program Director: Dierk Jaeger

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    Capability Statement