Our "Why"

Every asset lost due to fraud is one less resource that could be used to achieve objectives. The ultimate goal is to protect organizations from fraud and assure funds can remain within (prevention) or return to (response) the organization for the original intended purpose of accomplishing the mission.  

"You get to take credit when you also take accountability."

 ~ Simon Sinek

Fraud Doctor LLC

We help companies better understand and manage their fraud risk:

  • Reduce RiskReduce organizational fraud & cyber risk. Practice areas include consulting, technology, litigation support, & government contracting;
  • EducateLearn how to manage the risk for fraud through coaching, training, board advisory, speaking engagements, and student programs; and
  • Outreach: Our commitment to making a difference in the community stems from an acknowledgement of the obligation to create good in the world. 

Specializing in antifraud Master Classes for Insider Threat & Fraud Management / Governance live seminars, webinars, and online courses.

Specializing in international litigation support, antifraud consulting, training, and board advisory. We provide consulting on the entire life cycle of fraud management including the primary components of a global antifraud program of governance, fraud risk assessments, investigations, data analysis, and communication strategy. 


Paul Dunlop

Paul Dunlop