Fraud Doctor LLC

Consultants offering proprietary products and services such as global program design & implementation for fraud management, global fraud risk assessment, unique use of the Benford’s Law data analysis model (anomaly detection for continuous monitoring, investigations, risk assessments, and other applications), link & cluster analysis to visualize patterns, build statistical models to identify risk and prioritize resources, original financial statement analysis model for fraud (ratio red flags), and a unique electronic evidence file structure for scalable case management.

Additional services include antifraud & investigative training, private investigation services, cell phone & small device digital forensics, cyber intelligence investigations, technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), transaction level data analysis project plans for antifraud and SOX.

The company focus is on growth through strategic partnerships, business joint ventures, and expertise brokered deals such as FinTech to government and commercial space.

Meet the Team


Alexis C. Bell, MS, CFE, PI




Chris Mayhue, PI

Executive protection team leader and firearms trainer.




James 1

James Willer, PhD, API

Healthcare, investigations, security & executive protection.



S. Kelly Summey

S. Kelly Summey, LPI, CDFE, CCII, PPS

Cyber intelligence investigations, digital forensics & TSCM.




Gaston Wilson

Gaston Wilson, CPA

Certified Public Accountant




Female Profile Photo (blank)

Melinda Wright

Research assistant & virtual paralegal





Meet Our Partners

pics-logo Are you thinking about how your company can safeguard against unnecessary financial losses and reputational damages related to today’s malicious schemes of procurement fraud and abuses?  Let our years of experience help you achieve procurement integrity, protect the financial and reputational interests of your company, and best attain your objective of fair, honest and legal procurement practices.

Here is an article written by Sheryl and Tom:

Caulfield, T. & Steckler, S. (2017, January/February). Procurement Predicament: ‘Veils of Trust’ hinder detection. Fraud Magazine. Austin, TX: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.



Sheryl G. Steckler





Thomas A. Caulfield

Chief Operating Officer