Call for Subject Matter Experts

Do you have fraud-related expertise that you would like to showcase on Master Class?

Here is a short video highlighting one of our courses on data quality

Are you a subject matter expert (SME) in your field? If so, join us in educating fellow fraud fighters. 
educate: the antifraud industry and let them know what is important about new techniques and trends;
showcase your expertise: let antifraud practitioners and academics know about your area of expertise;
reach thousands: get your message out to thousands of our online followers around the world; and
earn royalties: earn an instructor percentage of the revenue from sales of the courses you design and implement on the Master Class by Fraud Doctor platform. (Terms & Conditions apply) 
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By submitting this form, I acknowledge that if approved as a qualified instructor, I will be sent the terms and conditions where I will be given an opportunity to accept or deny those terms. I understand that failure to accept the terms and conditions will disqualify me as a potential qualified instructor. I understand I will not be compensated for my participation in the course creation unless and until I am approved as a qualified instructor, approved as a vendor, the course is approved, and sales have resulted from that specific course.