FraudCast – FCPA Compliance and Translation Considerations

FCPA Compliance & Translation Considerations Join us on this episode of FraudCast as we discuss this with Jay Rosen, VP of Legal & Corporate Language Solutions at Merrill Brink International, a United Language Group company. We answer questions such as: Where do translation services fit into the non-English language investigation protocol? How do most organizations attempt to deal with non-English language data? How should a global organization with potential risk exposure go about finding and vetting a qualified Language Solutions Provider (LSP)? And much more. YouTube link:   Also see: Call for Subject Matter Experts to become a guest speaker on FraudCast. Helpful Speaker Tips for step by step instructions on… Read More

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Report to the Nations 2012 Global Fraud Survey

ACFE Report to the Nations 2012 Global Fraud Survey

ACFE Report to the Nations 2012 Global Fraud Survey Issued Tuesday, May 8, 2012 Summary of Findings ___________________ • Survey participants estimated that the typical organization loses 5% of its revenues to fraud each year. Applied to the 2011 Gross World Product, this figure translates to a potential projected annual fraud loss of more than $3.5 trillion

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Fraud Doctor

Just how many fraud schemes are there?

Just how many fraud schemes are there? You may be surprised.  Here is a map of just occupational fraud schemes; where a person uses their job to facilitate the fraud.  They are the most common schemes found in corporate fraud.  However, depending on the industry, there are a host of industry-specific schemes that could be incorporated into each of these.  Each fraud scheme is different with varying methodologies, positions of trust, and motives.  Sometimes one fraud scheme is used by one fraudster and other times multiple schemes are used by many people. Download a free listing (PDF) of Occupational Fraud Schemes (9-pages) Request a free consultation

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