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Taxonomy of Fraud in Microfinance

Taxonomy of Fraud in Microfinance (thumbnail)Taxonomy of Fraud in Microfinance


One of the challenges we face in the antifraud industry is the lack of congruity between various thought leaders in how we define fraud and its many schemes. Each industry group or academic expert added great value to the advancement of the antifraud field. However, while every new distinction created a little more clarity, they all seemed to be inputs into a larger equation of the dynamic nature of what we face on a daily basis. In an effort to create a standardized fraud classification system that would apply across all fraud schemes, the Framework for a Taxonomy of Fraud was published by the Stanford Center on Longevity in July of 2015. It really was the first time a coding scheme was attempted that would allow for the vast universe of fraud schemes whether it be against an individual or an organization, from an insider threat such as from occupational fraud, against the public or private sector, or even industry specific fraud schemes.

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Introduction to the Fraud Field – Antifraud as a Career

Intro to Fraud Field

I had the privilege of speaking to the I.T. and Criminal Justice students at ECPI University in Charlotte, North Carolina today. We talked about what it is that I do in antifraud, how I got started in the field, and what I look for in candidates. It was great to interact with the students. Their questions were tough, insightful and on point.

I hope that the lecture sparked their interest in the field. In fact, two students came up to me afterwards and said they were now strongly considering a career in antifraud. If you are a seasoned professional working in the antifraud space, consider speaking at your local colleges as a guest lecturer. You will be able to aid in shaping the young minds. As we transition from being the student ourselves to the role of teacher, we should impart our wisdom and assist the next generation of fraud fighters. It is both an honor and privilege to do so.

“The pleasure was all ours. I thank you so much and so do the students. As I knew, you really opened some eyes and sparked interest in areas some didn’t know was achievable.  You are an outstanding speaker with a fascinating career. Your stories of how you achieved all you have not only was an inspiration but made the impossible, become possible. I hope to talk with you again soon. THANK YOU AGAIN”

Mary Ellen Costello
Career Services Advisor
ECPI University

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Report Service: Personalized Statistical Fraud Risk Report

Report Service: Personalized Statistical Fraud Risk Report

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