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FraudCast – Interviewing in Fraud Matters

Interviewing in Fraud Matters


Join us on this episode of FraudCast as we discuss interviewing and interrogations in the fraud environment with Mark Anderson, Director of Training & Development of Anderson Investigative Associates LLC. We answer questions such as: How important are interviews in the digital age? What are areas of emphasis required in a fraud subject interview? How important is rapport? And much more.

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Digital Lies

Digital Lies

Jeff Hancock was one of my professors at Cornell University. I had the privilege of taking a class with him called “Deception Detection.” It was by far one of my favorite classes during my undergrad experience in New York. His research was not only intriguing back then, it is still relevant today. I use those very same concepts during investigations every time I conduct a forensic interview.

While watching an in-flight movie recently, I came across a segment of Ted Talks featuring Jeff speaking about lies in the digital era. If detecting lies is important in your job or if you simply want a different take on the subject for your personal life, take a few minutes to watch this video.


Video (18:32)

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