Are You an Expert in Binary Options?

We are doing a segment on binary options fraud for FraudCast. There are emerging threats in the cyber landscape that did not exist even a few months ago. 

Binary Options Fraud

Do you have expertise in:

  • automated cryptocurrency trading strategies, bots, and services?
  • investigating binary options fraud?
  • the differences between trading in traditional options versus binary options?
  • consumer services to help those victimized by binary options fraud?

With this episode, we aim to educate the general public about the potential risk of cryptocurrency fraud schemes. We want to provide information about the differences between traditional and binary options as well as to highlight the associated risks for fraud. 

  • Have you been a victim of binary options fraud? 
  • Would you like to help warn others about what the impact has been for you and what the warning signs are? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please click the button below to fill out the short form and get started.