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Do you have fraud-related expertise that you would like to showcase on FraudCast?

"Alexis and I first connected almost a year ago on LinkedIn. During the short year of knowing each other, I have been fortunate to learn about her passion for fighting fraud and sharing her knowledge with the anti-fraud community, especially with her social media efforts on and her engaging FraudCast, where I was privileged to be a long time listener and first time cast.

While the anti-fraud profession has many people who have recently entered the field, Alexis has the distinction of being a trailblazer in tracking and bringing to light international fraudsters. She did this without a playbook or any formal training. While she does not look like she is old enough to have worked “back in the day”, she not only did the work, but helped create systems and protocols that most international fraud fighters use today. Alexis takes her mission to heart and anyone that has the opportunity to work with her will be rewarded for their choice.”


FCPA, Ethics & Compliance Translation Sherpa
Vice President, Legal & Corporate Language Solutions
Merrill Brink International
New York, NY USA

Are you a subject matter expert (SME) in your field? If so, join us in educating fellow fraud fighters. 
educate: the antifraud industry and let them know what is important about new techniques and trends;
showcase your expertise: let antifraud practitioners and academics know about your area of expertise;
reach thousands: get your message out to thousands of our online followers around the world; and
embed the video: into your online content (permission granted from Fraud Doctor to guest speakers) to push out to your network. 
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