“Alexis is a passionate crusader against fraud. Whether searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack of documents or researching trends in financial statements, her passion and resourcefulness bring clarity where others see only confusion.  As an active fraud examiner her research is not only interesting but useful.  A must read for all fraud investigators.”

Erik C Lioy, CPA, CFE
National Partner
Forensic Accounting, Litigation Support, Valuation & Transaction Services
Grant Thornton LLP
[email protected]

“Alexis Bell brings a fresh, innovative and penetrating approach to the issue of fraud analysis.  Her intellect and analytic ability offer much promise for the profession, especially companies and auditors faced with the demands of fraud detection in a post-SOX world.”

Joseph W Koletar, DPA, CFE, ACFE – Fellow
HGH Associates
[email protected]


Books by Dr. Joseph W. Koletar:

ABCs of Behavioral Forensics FBI Career Guide Fraud Exposed Rethinking Risk

“Alexis and I first connected almost a year ago on LinkedIn. During the short year of knowing each other, I have been fortunate to learn about her passion for fighting fraud and sharing her knowledge with the anti-fraud community, especially with her social media efforts on Fraud-Doctor.com and her engaging Fraud Cast, where I was privileged to be a long time listener and first time cast.

While the anti-fraud profession has many people who have recently entered the field, Alexis has the distinction of being a trailblazer in tracking and bringing to light international fraudsters. She did this without a playbook or any formal training. While she does not look like she is old enough to have worked “back in the day”, she not only did the work, but helped create systems and protocols that most international fraud fighters use today. Alexis takes her mission to heart and anyone that has the opportunity to work with her will be rewarded for their choice.”

Jay Rosen, CCEP
FCPA, Ethics & Compliance Translation Sherpa
Vice President, Legal & Corporate Language Solutions
Merrill Brink International
[email protected]

“I have worked with Alexis on a very complicated and complex case. She has taken the raw data and made it very manageable and presentable. I am very, very impressed with her work product in making the difficult easy to understand and convey. I would highly recommend her for her skills, competence, work ethic and contributions she can bring to cases.”

Sandy Carnegie
McIntosh Law Firm
Davidson, North Carolina

“Alexis is a top level professional with a high degree of commitment and integrity. Her sharp intelligence, courage, academic knowledge and tireless capacity for work, positioning her as a key name in her area of activity. Alexis is definitely one of the brilliant minds that will allow the evolution of the antifraud profession to the XXI century.”

Claudio Schuster
Audit Director (former)
Citibank Argentina

“I am very pleased to share this endorsement for Alexis Bell. Alexis agreed to serve on a panel I put together for the Forensic Accounting section of the American Accounting Association Meeting in Charlotte. “Big data, Analytics and Cybersecurity: Are We Talking About Accounting Anymore?” The audience included 100 accounting faculty who teach forensic accounting. The discussion was fantastic and the attendees were very impressed with the insight that Alexis shared about how data drives the investigative process. She was wonderful.”

Timothy Pearson, PhD, CPA, CFF, CGMA
Senior Faculty and Researcher
Georgia Southern University, Center for Forensic Studies, AICPA

“Alexis, delivered several trainings which I attended, also we participated in several high-level discussions, as well as communicated regarding audit-related issues. Also, I had great pleasure of interacting with her in the social situations. In my opinion, she is a great professional, who is capable of mobilizing all of her resources towards achieving her professional goals. I would recommend Alexis for any similar positions without any reservations, especially, in my opinion, she would be an asset in the challenging situations, which others would not be able to solve. Please call me at +995 599 947993 if you have any further questions.”

Giorgi Mirotadze
FINCA Bank Georgia JSC

“It is a privilege to write this recommendation for Alexis. I have gotten to know Alexis in the last several months and it has been a wonderful experience. I recorded an episode of FraudCast with Alexis and we co-taught at a Fraud Seminar. Alexis is the consummate professional. She is an international expert in fraud detection and prevention and has a breath of knowledge that makes her insights valuable and reflective for her clients and colleagues. Alexis’ experiences and research place her in a position to positively impact those entities that she works with and provides guidance too. If the opportunity to interact with her or retain her services arise, I wholeheartedly recommend her as a person and professional for your fraud related needs.”

Mark A. Anderson
[email protected]
Interview Training
Director of Training & Development
Anderson Investigative Associates, LLC (AIA)
St. Marys, Georgia

“When Alexis was doing a risk assessment for FA and I had an opportunity to work with her. I found her very committed, highly skilled, experienced in fraud and forensic audit. I was fortunate enough to be with her during the field visits when she was interacting and observing staff and clients. She is highly intelligent which naturally applies in her work.”

Salim Khan
OXUS Afghanistan

“Alexis has a tremendous understanding of fraud investigations and analysis.  She has seen the problem and is in the process of conquering it.  People should listen to what she has to say.”

Peter A Hoffman
Retired Senior Partner, Deloitte
HGH Associates
[email protected]

“As a fraud investigator, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Alexis on an assignment at Delhaize Group. Her depth of knowledge in her career field is outstanding. Her enthusiasm and professionalism are contagious. She has developed intricate fraud indicators to assist in detecting financial fraud and is constantly working to improve her knowledge base. I would highly recommend Alexis for any fraud or forensic audit assignment.”

Pieter Van der Hulst

“I have worked with Alexis in OXUS Afghanistan (OAF) while she was doing a fraud assessment for OXUS Afghanistan in 2015. I found her very intelligent, professional and committed with huge experience in audit and Fraud investigation. Her expertise impressed me a lot and her contribution to OAF was very useful in tracking and finding out different types of fraud through the Microfinance (MFI) companies and their operations. She is highly recommended to any MFI who needs to have a practical and efficient fraud framework and policy which can support preventing huge risks in MFIs both now and in the future.”

Maroof Ziaey
Chief Operations Officer
OXUS Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan

“Alexis has been very collaborative with OXUS group and has provided useful insights to design a fraud taxonomy for OXUS Afghanistan and for the group. Her advice on fraud management have also been useful.”

Edouard Sers
[email protected]
Global Head of Audit & Risk
OXUS Development Network (ODN)
Paris, France

“Alexis is the ultimate professional . Totally dedicated to the job at hand and is the most knowledgeable expert in the field of forensic audit and fraud prevention in the United states. Any company that selects to utilize the knowledge and skills that Alexis provides will be rewarded by the creation of a sound /safeguarded financial foundation from which the shareholder earnings will be protected for the future. Honesty and integrity are the trademarks that guide the personal and professional life of Alexis!”

Charlie Bowers
Regional President (former)
Capital Bank

“I had the privilege of having Alexis Bell in my 80+ international team. She is an outstanding professional and has significantly contributed to the development of the global anti-fraud program and the implementation of the highest investigation standards in FINCA. Her dedication, commitment and professionalism are highly recognized.”

Pedro Fabiano
Global Chief Auditor & VP
FINCA International

“On behalf of the South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (SCACPA), thank you for being one of our distinguished speakers. Your presentation was excellent and was enjoyed by everyone. We appreciate you sharing your time, talent and expertise with us.”

Mary Stargel
Professional Education Manager
South Carolina Association of CPAs
Cayce, South Carolina

The pleasure was all ours. I thank you so much and so do the students. As I knew, you really opened some eyes and sparked interest in areas some didn’t know was achievable.  You are an outstanding speaker with a fascinating career. Your stories of how you achieved all you have not only was an inspiration but made the impossible, become possible. I hope to talk with you again soon. THANK YOU AGAIN

Mary Ellen Costello
Career Services Advisor
ECPI University


“Working with Alexis was pleasure, the most important quality Alexis brings to the job, and that’s saying a lot because she brings a lot, is her extraordinary dedication and tenacity. Simple her high standards are to be admired and definitely she is top level professional.”

Muhamet Kurejshi, CFE
Corporate Audit Manager FINCA Kosovo & Regional Anti-Fraud team leader, Eurasia

“Alexis has given an all new shape to the unstructured and unguided fraud investigations we used to conduct in our work. I have had the opportunity to work with a number of international investigators, and I would rate her work on the mortgage fraud, flow charting of investigations, electronic evidence file structure, frauds risk assessment and overall approach towards frauds investigations as top of the world.”

Numan Amjad, CFE, ACA, ACCA, DAIBP
Internal Audit & Fraud Investigations Manager
FINCA International

“Alexis is a highly skilled, experienced fraud and forensic audit professional who I was fortunate enough to hire and work with while directing the international Fraud Audit team at Delhaize Group. Alexis is highly intelligent which she naturally applies to her work. She uses imagination to detect potential fraud in the business and then initiates creative audit techniques for validation. Fraud & Forensic audit is her passion and being very dedicated to her profession , and hard-working as well, I would highly recommend Alexis for any fraud or forensic audit assignment.”

Internal Audit Director
Delhaize Group

“I worked very closely with Alexis as a fraud auditor and found that her quality of work is exceptional. Alexis has the ability to analyze a large amount of information in order to detect fraudulent activity. She understands complex concepts in fraud detection. She has very high moral and ethical standards. She is detail oriented and ensures that the detection of potential fraud is thoroughly investigated. She has developed intricate fraud indicators to assist in detecting financial fraud and is constantly working to improve her knowledge base. Any employer would be very fortunate to have Alexis as an employee.”
Lisa Brooks, CFE, CIA, RN
Senior Internal Auditor – Fraud Group
Delhaize Group

“I had the pleasure of working with Alexis when she was a Forensic Auditor for Delhaize Group. She also held the role of Business Resource Group (BRG) Chair for the company’s Native American BRG. Alexis is the consummate Audit professional. She not only understands critical information, but also the proper representation of it. She has deep knowledge of fraud and investigation, and understands how that relates to information security issues and the protection of complex corporate information and technology assets. While Alexis and I worked in different departments, our paths crossed often on areas of mutual concern and she routinely demonstrated that she was a knowledgeable individual, a solid team player and an individual interested in successfully resolving critical business issues to the benefit of the company.”
Mona Borkowski
Systems Analyst
Delhaize America

“As a fraud Investigator, I have had the opportunity to work with Alexis on several projects, which I spearheaded for my organization. Her depth of knowledge in her career field is outstanding. Her enthusiasm and professionalism make her standout from her peers. She has always brought an objective eye to whatever we were doing and was very detail oriented and she has always been a pleasure to deal with.”

Ricardo Rios, CFE
Manager, Internal Audit Investigations
AXA Equitable

“I find the concept and work most interesting.  I hope you will be able to share this process of protecting businesses with a host of folks.  I believe that our food sources, transportation of food products, and even on the farm level, producing the food, is at risk of terrorism because just think of how most citizens in the civilized world, both foreign and domestic, procure their food items and then extrapolate that idea from farm to end-user, it is a very porous chain that has inherent risks on every level.  Keep up the great work since it is young people like you that will pave the way for our global food systems and therefore it is up to your peers and you to protect us from financial risks and preserve the integrity of your food.”

Debra A Sloan

Aquaculture Specialist
Agribusiness Development
[email protected]

North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

1001 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1001 USA


“Alexis Bell is a fantastic resource for any aspiring or experienced fraud investigator. As a self employed Private Investigator and fraud specialist, I consider her work a must for my ongoing fraud prevention training. I would not hesitate to call Alexis for her opinion on any fraud related matter I was investigating. Alexis should be applauded for her tireless anti-fraud efforts.”

Jeffrey R Baker, MBA, CFE
Owner and Operator
Licensed Private Investigator, NC License #3252
Ranger Protective Services LLC
[email protected]

“It was my pleasure to work with Alexis at Grant Thornton. I was trained by her and eventually took over a forensic audit project she had developed from ground zero. Her exceptional knowledge of the subject and effective communication allowed me to easily grasp the concepts even though I had never worked on a project of this kind before. She has a natural ability to analyze complicated problems and outline concise courses of action. Her excellent organization and meticulous attention to detail was represented in every aspect of her work. Alexis brings with her a take-charge, ambitious personality all the while being very personable and easy to work with. She always displayed a willingness to go beyond what was required. Alexis would be a valuable addition to any organization.”

Matthew Clusker
Managing Partner
E-Commerce Entrepreneur

“Alexis is a graduate student in the Economic Crime Management Masters program at Utica College. As the ECM degree is an “executive masters,” our expectation is that students are going to perform with the same high standards academically that they do professionally. During the time I had Alexis in my class, she wrote one of the most thorough, detailed and comprehensive Case Studies I’ve seen of a graduate student in the program, demonstrating complete command of a complex subject matter, that she was otherwise unfamilar with, and completely shattering the assignment expectations. If it’s true, as we expect, that Alexis’ academic performance mirrors her work performance…. then Alexis is a professional superstar!”

Daniel Draz, M.S., CFE
Adjunct Economic Crime Professor
Utica College



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