Litigation Support Services

Ranger Protective Services and Fraud Doctor have partnered to bring you the following litigation support services: Link Analysis An entire case is presented in a picture that is easy for a jury to understand. (Sample Link Analysis) Fraud Risk Assessment Personalized Statistical Fraud Risk Report Service The objective of the report is to provide a tool for the client to adequately create a strategy to mitigate, avoid, accept, or transfer fraud risk where they can: understand the risk by department & scheme, prioritize antifraud efforts, quantify impact & likelihood for COSO ERM, & benchmark for Key Risk Indicators (KRIs). (Sample Personalized Statistical Fraud Risk Report)     (Order Here) Ratio Red Flags… Read More

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Mortgage Fraud and the Illegal Property Flipping Scheme

Mortgage Fraud

The following are companion documents and images for the book entitled Mortgage Fraud and the Illegal Property Flipping Scheme: A Case Study of United States v. Quintero-Lopez. ABSTRACT Mortgage fraud has been described as “a form of bank robbery where the bank is not even aware it has been robbed until months or years later.” Within the United States, an estimated $14 billion (0.66% of all loans) in fraudulent loans were originated in 2009 alone. In United States v. Quintero-Lopez, 15 defendants were indicted on 70 counts in the Southern District of Florida for a mortgage fraud scheme involving 16 fraudulent loans totaling $6 million in disbursements. This case study examines over 3… Read More

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