Personalized Statistical Fraud Risk Report

The objective of the report is to provide a tool for management to adequately create a strategy to mitigate, avoid, accept, or transfer fraud risk. A detailed set of analysis is performed so as to be a roadmap for management to take action to address the risk for fraud by providing:

* Visibility into the organization’s fraud risk;

* An understanding of fraud risk by department and scheme;

* Prioritization of antifraud efforts;

* Ability to quantify impact and likelihood for COSO Enterprise Risk Management (ERM); and

* Benchmark for Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).


Fraud Statistics {page 1}

Fraud Statistics {page 2}

Fraud Statistics {page 3}

Fraud Statistics {page 4}

Fraud Statistics {page 5}

Fraud Statistics {page 6}

Fraud Statistics {page 7}



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