Melinda Wright

Melinda Wright has a diverse and unique professional background that spans multiple industries including financial, pharmaceutical, risk management, legal, IT, Non-Profit and Startups. As her career has evolved, she has had the opportunity to sharpen her analytical, research, financial analysis and project management skills through positions as a Fraud Examiner, Paralegal, Business Analyst, and Personal/Executive Assistant and Estate Manager.

Melinda has conducted complex examinations of confidential records, documentary evidence, affidavits, and testimony that were successful in pinpointing potential fraud, waste, abuse, discrepancies, loopholes and errors throughout her career.

She also has demonstrated a talent for “reading” people and adapting her interview style to extract information, including sensitive and confidential information individuals are reticent to discuss. This was a key factor during financial fraud investigations, where she was successfully able to bring fraud suspects to justice.

She has provided legal and administrative support to a senior partner of law firm specializing in wills and estate planning, real estate consultation, foreclosure/short sales, and matrimonial affairs. She also acted in the capacity of Process Server. She interviewed and assisted clients with personal injury claims, foreclosures, short sales, divorce and financial issues and negotiated debt settlements with financial institutions along with performing manual and computerized in-depth searches of public records and referenced case. She prepared and reviewed reports, correspondence, memoranda of law, and legal documents and instruments.

She has authored standard operating procedures for financial institutions, pharmaceutical laboratories, risk management divisions and IT software implementations.

She offers exceptional project planning, prioritization, office administration, and organization skills and a commitment to high standards, honesty, and integrity.

Melinda’s credentials include an MBA in Management/Finance. She has also been the recipient of many awards throughout her career. She is proficient in Microsoft Office, Visio, Quicken and various online research skills.

Melinda enjoys keeping up with the latest technology. She is proficient in Microsoft Office, Visio, Quicken and online research tools including legal sites such as Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis.

She is currently on the board of a pet therapy non-profit organization as their social media director and was a key player in the organization’s formation as well as developing and maintaining their social media presence.

EXPERTISE: Fraud Investigation & Analysis, Forensic Accounting, Financial Records Analysis, Subject Interviewing, Case Management, Background Investigations, Evidence Collection, Legal and Investigative Research, Regulatory Compliance, Report Writing, Risk Analysis, Project Management, Administrative Management at the Executive Level, Personal and Executive Assistance, Virtual Assistance.