S. Kelly Summey

S. Kelly Summey, LPI, CDFE, CCII, PPS – is a NC licensed Private Investigator and Certified Digital Forensics Examiner (CDFE). He has performed thousands of forensic examinations on cell phones, computers, and tablets and has testified in court to his findings. From criminal defense to child custody to intellectual property disputes and beyond, Kelly has provided vital evidence for his clients through logical and physical (deleted) data acquisitions, utilizing the industry’s leading edge technology and software. Kelly also holds a Certified Cyber Intelligence Investigator (CCII) certification and is a member of several industry related associations. In addition to Kelly’s Digital Forensics expertise, he is also licensed and experienced in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM for short. He has the equipment and trade-craft knowledge to detect and identify instances of electronic eavesdropping or surveillance. As a licensed Personal Protection Specialist under VA DCJS, Kelly has performed many private protection assignments that have involved VIP and C-level personnel.

Kelly is a veteran and served during Desert Storm/Desert Calm with the USAF’s 30th Space Wing/SpaceCom in the support of Minuteman II, Minuteman III, & Peacekeeper Intercontinental Ballistic Missile launch tests.