James 1James Willer, PhD is a security expert who brings forth a unique blend of military, law enforcement and private industry protection experience with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the Healthcare field.

Dr. Willer served as military police (MP) in the Army and Air Force branches of the United States armed forces for over 17 years. He has previous law enforcement experience and is certified as a police officer in the state of Nebraska. Dr. Willer also has 10 years of private security experience with both Pinkerton and Allied Barton which included among other aspects providing personal protection to the CEO of a Fortune 100 company. In addition to Dr. Willer’s law enforcement and security background, he is also the founder of American Martial Arts. He is a 5th degree black belt in Taekwondo with a martial arts teaching certification from American Taekwondo Association since 1977.

Dr. Willer has a unique perspective on security in the Healthcare setting as he has over 30 years of experience in the Healthcare field in the cardiology specialty with a PhD in Healthcare Administration. Most recently, Dr. Willer has been teaching medical classes as an adjunct professor at ECPI University for the last 5 years. He has a teaching style that is both dynamic and engaging. Dr. Willer is adept at providing instruction tailored to the level of the students in the class or seminar. He is driven by the conviction that knowledge applied accurately saves lives. In situations where it is critical that students grasp complex topics in a way that makes sense to them, they are able to integrate what they have learned and apply it right away.