Learn how to 
Analyze Data for FRAUD
Using spreadsheets
Learn how to analyze data for fraud
Data Quality (Module 1)
This module introduces students to data quality assessment methodology which is required prior to analyzing any dataset. Definitions, examples, and exercises are given to provide students an understanding of the steps performed to ensure quality of the data is optimal for analysis. 
Learning Objectives
Students will learn:
the importance of data quality and the key definitions of data quality dimensions
how to obtain access to the required dataset
how to document the work they perform
how to assess the dataset for:
     * completeness
     * uniqueness
     * timeliness
     * validity
     * accuracy
     * consistency

Watch step-by-step instructional videos for each data quality dimension. We walk you through examples for each one so you can see how it's done, hear what our thought process is while we do it and understand why it's important.
Sample Spreadsheets
Download sample spreadsheets and practice what you just learned in the video. Then take a short quiz to make sure you are on the right track.
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"Why I designed this course"
Alexis C. Bell, MS, CFE
I designed this course as a way to teach data analysis for fraud. In a time when budget cuts cause accountants, investigators, analysts, and auditors to not have access to tools designed for data analytics, the training for those tools, or the labor hours for training time; there had to be an alternative.

This course is the solution for that issue. It is the pre-requisite for a series of courses designed to teach students how to analyze data for fraud by using spreadsheets. Most people have access to a spreadsheet software already. This way they can use a tool they already have to learn what they need to be successful in their role when they have been tasked with data analytics in search of fraud. 

Thank you for being fellow fraud fighters.
Hear what students have to say
Christine Dever Homack
Accountabilities Consulting Services, LLC
This is a great course, very well thought out and designed with consistency in the learning objectives and actual layout of the course format. It provides an initial format for the student to develop assessment tools supported by well documented process steps which can be followed by users.
Shawn Ganley
Rahway Police Department
What stood out to me was the usefulness of the videos. They allowed me to go through the lessons step by step in order to preform the tasks. I was very impressed by instructors use of Excel. It became confusing to me based upon my limited experience with it, but it was great to see it in action. I thought the course was well presented. The instructional videos were awesome and it gave me a real sense of the actual work involved.