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"I am very pleased to share this endorsement for Alexis Bell. Alexis agreed to serve on a panel I put together for the Forensic Accounting section of the American Accounting Association Meeting in Charlotte. “Big data, Analytics and Cybersecurity: Are We Talking About Accounting Anymore?” The audience included 100 accounting faculty who teach forensic accounting. The discussion was fantastic and the attendees were very impressed with the insight that Alexis shared about how data drives the investigative process. She was wonderful."

Timothy Pearson, PhD, CPA, CDD, CGMA,
Senior Faculty and Researcher
Georgia Southern University
Center for Forensic Studies
Savannah, Georgia USA

Every asset lost due to fraud is one less resource that could be used to achieve objectives. The ultimate goal is to protect organizations from fraud and assure funds can remain within (prevention) or return to (response) the organization which are then used for the original intended purpose of accomplishing their mission.  

We help companies protect themselves from fraud by specializing in international:
litigation support: data analysis, fraud investigation, forensic accounting, cyber intelligence investigation, digital forensics including cell phone forensics, and much more;
antifraud consulting on the entire life cycle of fraud management including the primary components of a global antifraud program of governance, fraud risk assessments, investigations, data analysis, and communication strategy;
training: provide specialized antifraud training through e-Learning, live seminars & webinars for accountants, analysts, auditors, investigators, program directors, & the C-Suite; and
corporate board advisoryincorporate an antifraud perspective into the responsibilities of the board.  
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